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Welcome to The Secret Circle, a modern urban fantasty play-by-post roleplay! Our game is based on the plot hooks from The Secret Circle books 1-3. In this setting, you have the opportunity to create your own story, or collaborate with other authors to create one together.

Knowledge of the Secret Circle trilogy is not required! We have provided the complete storyline up-front so every author can make an informed decision regarding their characters. The staff is not here to force players into situations or storylines, but to ensure that the RP runs smoothly and fairly. Our Guidebook serves as a part of the essential information on the board, and open you into interacting with other authors.

Prepare to dive into the rich and fantastical world of The Secret Circle, where magic, power, and intrigue collide. Are you ready to embrace your power and shape the course of New Salem?


In the quiet town of Salem, a Coven of witches found solace—a haven amidst the New World's uncertainties. Blending in with the members of the Massachusets Bay Colony, the Coven found lasting peace there for several decades. However, by 1692, Salem was divided into two distinct parts: the Town and the Village.

Salem Town, a bustling hub of commerce, teemed with blacksmiths, carpenters, and innkeepers. In contrast, Salem Village was a modest rural community, home to impoverished Puritan farmers and a handful of powerful families like the Putnams.

Tensions simmered between the two, fueled by the farmers' envy and resentment toward Salem Town's prosperity and influence. The economic control the town held over the village only deepened these divides.

Within this tumultuous backdrop, the Salem witch trials unfolded, driven by suspicions, resentments, and fears of outsiders. Among those who rose to prominence during this dark period was a witch known as "Black" John.

While playing a double game during the Witch Trials, he clandestinely advocated for the Coven's relocation to a newly discovered island while fanning the flames of persecution behind the scenes. Once the hysteria ended, the Coven quietly picked up their servants and households and moved to the island, eventually named New Salem. In this new settlement, the Coven's presence was an open secret. Black John rose to power as the undisputed coven leader. However, some questions remained unanswered and suspicion about his behaviour began to take hold.

As new settlers arrived, the Witches of New Salem grappled with the need to protect their craft from outsiders, posing a challenge for Black John. His desire for control over these mundane settlers threatened the unity of the Coven.

Driven by the need to protect themselves, some members of the Coven embarked on a mission of secrecy. Their precious objects of power were shrouded in hidden recesses, protected by spells that cloaked their presence from all, including Black John himself. When he discovered their deception, the betrayed witch set sail to retrieve these artefacts, unaware of a tempest brewing on the horizon.

As if guided by unseen forces, the Accomack Storm descended upon New Salem with unrestrained fury, its wrath unleashed upon the island's shores. The gales roared, waves crashed with a deafening symphony, and the sky unleashed its wrath in torrents of rain. Amidst this tumultuous maelstrom, Black John's ill-fated vessel succumbed to the merciless might of the storm, vanishing into the ocean's depths, never to be seen again.

Haunted by the possibility of Black John's return, the circle remained vigilant, safeguarding the hidden tools of their trade. New instruments were fashioned, born of necessity, but they paled compared to the ancient power imbued within their predecessors.

Despite the loss of the Master Tools, the town prospered. The Coven remained an open secret, their practices accepted and sometimes embraced by their mundane neighbours. Some families blended in, while some came into their own power.

A hundred years before our story begins, some of the witches of New Salem attempted to leave their magical heritage behind. Their Book of Shadows and other ritualistic materials were quietly set aside. As a result, the parents of the present-day cast had limited access to their magical heritage.

However, a newcomer named John Blake arrived on Crowhaven Road, and moved into the abandoned house at number thirteen. Weaving his way into the parents' lives, he saw to the resurrection of the old ways. The parents all formed a grand coven, with John Blake as their charismatic leader. Through a series of orchestrated marriages during Ostara, he forever altered their lives. From those unions, a unique generation was born — infants who instinctively possessed the power to call upon the mystical forces. The coven was split, between those who felt that they had been manipulated and those who didn't and it led to a confrontation on the night that Hurricane Martha directly hit New Salem.

Hurricane Martha completely ravaged the island, claiming the lives of Blake and all those who confronted him. The surviving parents, traumatized by the events, locked away their painful memories of magic, fearful of acknowledging the circle's existence. Despite their attempts to steer their children away from the craft, the pure talent and natural-born connection to magic within the children could not be tampered. This is the backdrop for the Secret Circle.



Please make sure to read our plot and our rules before getting started! All of the infomation is located here in the guidebook.


Register with your character’s first name in proper capitalization (or your preferred alias, if your main character).


Fill in your profile application in your Profile > Edit Profile info.

The profile allows players to customize their characters with a physical description, noticible character traits, and biography. Players can also add additional information, such as family connections, special magical items, and any other details they think will make their character stand out.


Contact a staff member to let them know your profile is finished. We will review it and let you know when you’re approved. On our Discord, there is a Moderation channel where you can message us directly.


Once you're approved, you are ready to begin creating!



Your character is one of the descendants of the original New Salem Coven who fits into the narrative outlined in our prologue. Characters live on the island of New Salem, and can be no younger than 18.


Structure your story using events defined in our outline. You can choose to play with others or write your own independent story. Your circle can be as large or as small as you choose.


Each character will have an connection to one of the Elements and can draw upon it instinctually.



This is a safe space for adult creative writing. Respecting each other and communicating your needs is vital for this community to work. Remember to be human and be excellent to one another.


All participants agree to follow the Guidebook covering the tone, setting, magic system, and prologue, providing a backbone for the first story arc. Your character's story fits within the overall arc and is entirely under your creative control. Your pace and level of participation are completely up to you, we have no activity checks or word counts. You can find the full details of our storyline in the Outlines, Plotters & Shippers Board. We have intentionaly left some of the details vague, to allow players to customize the story to best fit.


No god-modding, power-gaming, or metagaming. You have control over your character, and no one else's. If you feel the need to move a thread along which includes another character, discuss it with the other author beforehand. Consent is very important here, and it goes both ways.


Each party should get a say in the scene contents and have the opportunity to progress their story forward. If authors choose to plot it out beforehand, we have a board for Outlines, Plotters & Shippers. In addition, authors should not feel obligated to finish a story that is not to their liking.


This is a mature website, so there will be mature topics and potential triggers. If you are writing one of these topics, please tag it mature or label a trigger warning. If you do not like these kinds of topics, please steer clear of those tagged as such.


While we do not have a strict activity policy, but we will have an semi-annual check-in and board clean-up. We will move any inactive or abandoned threads to our archive channel.


There is no limit on the number of characters you portray, so long as they are all active.


Minimum age requirement for players and characters is eighteen, due to our mature content rating. No exceptions.


A Witch is an individual who knows the art of harnessing the cosmic power of the elements to influence events, affecting change around them to their whim. The method of witchcraft we will be referencing as a baseline is created from L.J Smith's The Secret Circle trilogy. We are supplying it as a reference only - your characters can be of any aesthetic, cultural leaning or spiritual practice and use any methods they desire. Witchcraft can not directly change a person's free will, change the laws of physics, and takes no physical form.

Using Witchcraft in the Secret Circle typicaly consists of three key steps:


Envoking the power of the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)


Clearly defining and focusing on the outcome you desire.


Your desired outcome manifests into physical reality.

Spells and Rituals

Spells and rituals are both forms of magical practice, but they differ in their complexity, purpose, and structure:

Spells are typically shorter, more focused, and specific actions or incantations performed to achieve a particular magical goal.

They often involve reciting chants, using magical tools, or employing symbolic gestures.

Spells can be cast quickly and are often used for immediate or specific purposes, such as protection, healing, or divination.

They may be performed individually or as part of a larger ritual.

Rituals are more elaborate and structured ceremonies that involve a series of symbolic actions, steps, or procedures.

They often have a broader and more profound purpose, such as marking significant life events, honoring deities, or invoking cosmic forces.

Rituals can be more time-consuming and may require specific preparations, like setting up an altar, invoking spirits, or following a precise sequence of actions.

They often have a symbolic and spiritual significance beyond the immediate magical goal.

Rituals are often performed with a group or as part of a community or religious practice.

In summary, spells are concise and focused magical actions, while rituals are more elaborate ceremonies with broader spiritual or symbolic significance. Both are essential aspects of magical practice and can complement each other.

Charms and Talismans

Charms are enchanted magical items often used in various forms of Witchcraft. Worn on the person, it's an easy way to influence the world around you in a particular manner. A great example of a charm is a rabbit's foot, enchanted with luck. While it may not ensure everlasting, permanent luck, it will subtly influence the world around the wearer.

Crystals and Gemstone example properties
Gemstones have been used since the beginning by ancient peoples and sometimes even for the right things. The problem is that they're only as good as those using them. Witches can tap into the qualities of gemstones in a way that others can not. This is a partial list.

  • Jade – calming, peaceful, sharpens mental clarity
  • Peridot – a visionary stone and used to trace energy
  • Clear Quartz – power, clarity, and purity
  • Tiger’s Eye – to ward off bad dreams
  • Hematite – powerful stone for iron strength
  • Citrine – physical activity, energy, and fitness
  • Amethyst - soothing and balancing influence, focus and fight off psychic attacks
  • Rose Quartz – love influence
  • Fire Opals – passionate influence
  • Red Jasper – stabilizing influence
  • Carnelians – stimulating influence
  • Onyx – surrendering to your shadow self
  • Star Rubies – amplifies passion or anger very quickly
  • Chalcedony – protective influence
  • Moonstone – used to promote good dreams, calming influence
  • Lodestone – attracts raw energy

Salves, Potions and Poisons

Items that can be consumed by the person or otherwise used on the body to bring about a desired result. This is the only form of Witchcraft that can affect the human body, and the effects wear off as the body metabolizes.
Plants and Herbs examples
  • Feverfew - in small doses, is good in salads, makes a good wash for insect bites, and can be used in love potions.
  • Catnip - ground up, it relaxes and is excellent in tea
  • Roses - soothing and purifying
  • Thyme - can help to overcome shyness
  • Apples - sacred to the goddess Hera, symbolize love and death
  • Hazelnuts - for Wisdom

Runes and Sigils

As well as being a literal alphabet used during the Viking ages, runes were (and still are by some) believed to hold Power, symbolize inherent qualities and values, and have meanings in more modern divination and oracle reading practices. Runes can be drawn on a building, a physical object, or an area, bringing about a desired result — a charm for an area instead of on a person.

Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is a book of history, spells, and rituals used by witches and is passed down through the generations in the form of notes, journals, recipes or other documentation. They are often used to keep track of a witch's magical knowledge and can be used as a reference when casting spells. Each Witch in The Secret Circle will have access to their family's Book of Shadows.

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